About Me

I just wanted to start with a little info about myself.

  • My name is Sarah. I am 27, married, and living in Washington, DC.
  • I got married in November of 2017 to the love of my life (cheesy, but true).
  • I grew up in Norfolk, VA and lived in NYC for the last year.
  • I am an RN turned heart patient.
  • I had open heart surgery and a pacemaker placed in August of 2018. (I’m sure I will talk about my medical stuff at some point)
  • I have four animals: Triceratops (a three legged pit bull), Little Foot (a cat who talks way too much), Ducky (a cat who has wonderfully cute deformity on her front paws), and Frankie (a grey Thoroughbred who lives on my parents farm)
  • I have thought about starting a blog a couple times but never had the courage to go through with it. After my open heart surgery and three different hospitalizations (in under a year and a half), I finally decided I needed to voice my feelings and experiences surrounding it all. This is in part for my own sanity and partially for any others who are going through the same sorts of issues. I will also post some recipes and other thoughts.
  • Random things that really intrigue me: true crime/serial killers, metal detecting/treasure hunting, and Ancient Egypt.

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